Welcome to the All Disabilities Festival brought to you by none other than UPFAD (Unlimited Possibilities for All Disabilities) We are so excited you decided to visit our website. We believe in making the lives of people with disability and their families as normal and exciting as possible. We are organizing an amazing festival this year and we are excited about more and more people taking interest in this great cause.

You don’t choose to be disabled, but you can choose to lead your life to its full without letting the disability to get in your way. This is what we believe in and this is what we wish to achieve through this festival.

​​Columbus, Ohio
Sunday, July 28, 2019
Genoa Park | 9AM - 6PM

It is our vision to identify talented individuals with any form of mental or physical disability.

It is our mission to provide different platforms for our clients to showcase their talents while helping them to transition to a more prominent light.

The Event

UPFAD has been successfully arranging this festival for the past four years. But this year is different as we plan to bring in so much more:

  • All Disabilities Festival and activities are running all day for the whole family.
  • This year we have also invited local, regional and national artists and the producers from COSI with a learning in English Plaza so you can try your hand at something new.

  • ​We have incredibly talented bands playing sets throughout the day on the main stage with a super special guest.
  • Food Trucks will be serving an extensive array of foods.
  • Our sponsors are Caresource, Kidslinked, ADAMH, GCAC and so many others!!