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The success of All Disabilities Festival relies on the numerous hours our dedicated volunteers put in. So join us today by taking a look at our Volunteer Opportunities where the tasks to be fulfilled have been listed.
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UPFAD turned around young Noah’s life in spite of him being physically disabled.

My name is Noah. I attended All Disabilities festival when I was 8. I was afraid and nervous of going out. I kept thinking what people would think about me. What would I do if they mock me?

But, No such thing happened, everyone was supportive and I loved it! I loved all the fun activities and enjoyed for the first time feeling part of a community.

I’m now 12 and I implore the little ones to not be afraid as they aren’t lonely and they will make lots of friends out there because they aren’t any different. I tell them to get over their disability like I did with the help of UPFAD and conquered my life with self-confidence.

I think everyone with any mental or physical disability must go to this festival. It is so exciting and helpful, I want more people to know about it.”

Noah learned the value of self-worth through UPFAD and its All disabilities festival that has helped him in gaining self-confidence to become an independent adult down the road.
UPFAD needs the generosity of people like you to make the most out of this festival, so people will any disability don’t find it impossible to go out and enjoy while their talents get wasted.

Will you please help?

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